Innovative Flight Solutions

LaunchPoint has developed electric and hybrid electric flight solutions for unmanned air vehicle applications and Advanced Air Mobility.

Our products power drones in the 1.5 kW to 40 kW range and air mobility for passenger and cargo applications in the 80 kW to 250 kW range.

Our drone products feature air-cooled, ironless electric machines that demonstrate significant performance increase over existing hybrid power systems.

Propulsion Systems 1.5kW to 250kW

Generator Sets
Highly efficient and power-dense LaunchPoint GenSets are patented technology that includes an air-cooled alternator, lightweight aircraft engine, software, controls, and a battery management system enabling intelligent in-flight battery charging.

Motor and GenSet Controllers
LaunchPoint’s SmartPoint™ Controllers are advanced electric motor drives, generator controllers, and hybrid electric power system management units that are designed for all electric and hybrid electric propulsion applications.

LaunchPoint has developed a family of high efficiency and high specific power electric machines for the demanding, high reliability applications associated with electric and hybrid electric flight.

SmartPoint™ Control Software

Battery Management
LaunchPoint has developed LaunchPower™ series of software and hardware solutions that are designed to be a sophisticated battery management system for high reliability battery packs used in electric and hybrid electric flight. Our technology is the brains behind the interface between the battery pack and the propulsion system.

Drives and Control
The DC bus in a hybrid electric vehicle is a micro-grid with multiple energy sources and sinks. There are numerous possible topologies and technological solutions to integrating the power sources and electrical loads while providing regulation for the micro-grid. Each solution has different performance characteristics, costs, weights, and efficiencies. The correct design depends heavily on the mission and vehicle characteristics.

LaunchPoint has developed the expertise to select the correct architecture to meet mission requirements with minimum mass and maximum performance and reliability.

Hybrid Bus Power Management
LaunchPoint can develop custom designs to fit most airframes and mission requirements. LaunchPoint can offer ultra-lightweight, high efficiency air or liquid-cooled solutions.

OEM Motors and Controllers for Thermal Management

Custom designs to most aircraft profiles

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