LaunchPoint® is an aerospace propulsion company that designs and manufactures high specific power electric machine and controller solutions for the aerospace, defense, thermal management, power generation, and Advanced Air Mobility markets.

We use our intelligent design tools to provide unprecedented vehicle propulsion and power generation solutions optimized as a complete system.

Our highly efficient, power-dense electric machines and gensets can be either air or liquid-cooled and controlled with our SmartPoint™ software. Our products power drones in the 1.5 kW to 40 kW range and air mobility for passenger and cargo applications in the 40 kW to 250 kW range.

Modeling Advanced Aircraft Propulsion Tool (MAAP®)

MAAP® is a software suite that optimizes electric propulsion systems for flight applications used by the world’s leading aerospace, transportation, automotive companies and government agencies.
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The LaunchPoint team is a diverse and experienced group of scientists and engineers recognized as world experts in electric propulsion technology. We consult with the world’s top aerospace and automotive companies to design, customize and manufacture the best propulsion and power generation systems for their applications.

We are passionately focused on crafting optimal solutions to extend flight for the unmanned aerial vehicle and Advanced Air Mobility markets. Our customers are global Fortune 500 companies, aerospace, defense, automotive and air vehicle integrators.