Electric Machines for Propulsion

LaunchPoint has developed a family of high efficiency and high specific power electric machines for the demanding, high-reliability applications associated with electric and hybrid electric flight.

Our electric motors and generators are an axial-flux (“pancake”) design based on dual-Halbach-array magnet rotors and ironless stators.  This combination of design features allows for an extremely high efficiency motor or generator with good specific power and excellent high-speed efficiency.

The short, disc-like aspect ratio minimizes rotodynamic concerns in high-speed operation and allows the electric machine to use the bearing built into the load, eliminating separate bearings and a shaft coupling when integrated.

The motors and generators can be air-cooled and create their own airflow so no additional cooling system or fan is required. Liquid-cooled configurations are also available depending on the application.

LaunchPoint’s electric machines have patented features that can eliminate most of the common failure modes of permanent magnet machines enabling fail-operational high reliability applications.

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