LaunchPoint Electric Propulsion Solutions (LaunchPoint) is an aerospace propulsion company with more than a decade of experience developing and supplying electric motors and hybrid-electric propulsion systems with smart control software for unmanned air vehicles, aerospace power generation, and the Advanced Air Mobility markets.

LaunchPoint is a spinout from long-standing Goleta, California-based technology incubator and think tank, LaunchPoint Technologies. The parent company was founded in 1992 and known for its inventions (Inogen, Pediaflow among others) and leadership in cutting-edge engineering design. In 2010, with U.S. government funding, LaunchPoint Technologies’ multifaceted engineering design group embarked upon a novel design for an electric machine to be used for generating power for flight applications. Over ten years, the team was successful in developing and patenting its motors, hybrid generator sets, and aerospace turbogenerators for extended flight.

In 2020, the company brought on new management with a track record of working with advanced technology companies to generate value and investment to commercialize its technology by leveraging commercial and government contracts. As a result, LaunchPoint was spun out from the parent company to focus on selling product and expanding the business globally.

LaunchPoint centers around a technical team that remains a growing, experienced group of scientists and engineers that develop unparalleled software tools for electric propulsion system design. Our proprietary software, Modeling Advanced Aircraft Propulsion (MAAP™), optimizes hundreds of key design variables related to system design and performance. We work with the world’s top aerospace and automotive companies to design and build the best propulsion systems for their applications using this platform. Our patented lightweight, efficient, power-dense, air-cooled motors and gensets range from 1.5 kW to 250 kW and are controlled with our SmartPoint™ software. Our customers are global fortune 500 companies, auto companies, government, and air vehicle integrators.