The Modeling Advanced Aircraft Propulsion (MAAP™) tool is a software suite that optimizes propulsion systems for flight applications. It is used by aerospace engineers and designers to virtually model “what if” configuration scenarios for new electric and hybrid-electric aircraft systems for the advanced air mobility market.

Companies can discover what a vehicle’s powertrain “looks like” based on different propulsion system models to avoid potential costly mistakes early in the design process of a vehicle.

Optimizes a motor and drive combination at multiple (unlimited) operating points subject to dozens of constraints at each point.
Operational and design constraints have been identified and modeled based on LaunchPoint’s decades of experience.
Analyzes the off-design performance of motor and drive combinations.
Readily performs system-level trade studies including requirements trades, operating point trades, and technology trades – MAAP™ will even perform simultaneous combined trade studies.
 Unlocks weight and performance for your design.
Motor and drive models based on fundamental physics, not curve fits to existing motors, so MAAP™ can model “out of the box” designs that may be far from any existing designs.
Extensive set of technology parameters can be adjusted to examine the impact of new technology on propulsion system performance.

Vehicle Configuration

Concept to System Level Design

Why MAAP™?

MAAP™ Features

Fundamental physics-based analytical models focused on aeronautical usage


Performance Predictions over Wide Operations

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