Aerospace and Defense

LaunchPoint’s USA-made polyphase brushless DC air or liquid-cooled electric machines are ironless, power-dense and designed from the ground up with safety in mind. Our technologies offer significant size, weight and power (SWaP) advantages and high efficiency, making them ideal for mission-critical Aerospace and Defense programs. Our patented, fault-tolerant innovations eliminate conventional permanent magnet failure modes for power and propulsion generation systems in addition to being ultra lightweight, efficient and reliable. Applications include Engine/Starter/Generator, Auxiliary Power and Thermal Management Systems for aerial and ground vehicles including Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). LaunchPoint, both DFAR and ITAR compliant, offers MIL-STD capable electric machines and controllers for use in commercial, defense and flight-grade programs.

Advanced Air Mobility

LaunchPoint’s GenSets are optimal flight solutions that integrate lightweight electric machines and controllers with engines to produce highly efficient and sophisticated electric power generators. LaunchPoint’s 6 kW hybrid electric GenSet for drones and the 40 kW GenSet for larger drone cargo and higher powered systems for future air taxis are designed for extended range flights and expanded mission capabilities. An aircraft equipped with a LaunchPoint GenSet and battery pack enables more than three times the flight duration of those currently available while carrying the same or greater payloads. Future products in planning address the higher-power Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market applications. These low-altitude passenger-carrying aircraft utilize electric and hybrid flight technology are widely regarded as the future of aerospace for urban transportation.