LaunchPoint EPS is an aerospace propulsion company supplying hybrid electric flight solutions for the Urban Air Mobility UAM and hybrid electric power markets.

LaunchPoint offers proprietary design tools that provide unprecedented optimal solutions for vehicle and propulsion optimized together as a complete system.

Our patented lightweight, air-cooled, power dense, ironless electric machines range from 1.5kW to 250kW electric motors with SmartPoint™ controller software.

MAAP is a software suite that optimizes electric propulsion systems for flight applications used by the world’s leading aerospace, transportation, automotive companies and government agencies.
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The LaunchPoint team is a diverse and experienced group of scientists and engineers that have developed unparalleled software tools to assist the aerospace industry to design and build the best propulsion systems for their applications.

We are  passionately focused on building the best electric motors and gensets with smart control software for hybrid electric flight to serve the Urban Air Mobility and Unmanned Air Vehicle markets. Our customers are global fortune 500 aerospace companies, auto companies, and air vehicle integrators.